• Breakfast review

    Breakfast review: The Grind

    On the Saturday before my birthday we went to The Grind Coffee & Winefor breakfast. I know, I said I'd write about weekday breakfasts but they offer the same breakfasts during weekdays, so I assume it doesn't matter we were there on a Saturday :). We had been to the Grind before for a salad and the place is really cute but I recommend you book a table as it's also very small...

  • Breakfast review

    Breakfast review: Cafe Engel

    I love mornings and breakfasts. As Eerikki tends to sleep longer when we're on a vacation, I sometimes go for a nice breakfast on my own while he's still sleeping. I know that some people feel uncomfortable eating out alone, but as I like to do things alone too and when I was moving around the world, I often had to do things alone, to me it's not an issue but something I enjoy. I've gone out for breakfast several times in the last few weeks...