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    Wedding dress part 3: the dress

    Collaboration with Villisilkki Picture: Vill Sander Well, let me start by telling you that this was a good source of stress for everyone involved, and a bunch of other people too :D As you may have read from my earlier postthe first time I tried my dress on, was on the night before the wedding. I designed my own dress as I couldn't find one I liked from the stores...

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    Crises and crafts

    I am sorry I haven't been writing more frequently like I threatened but we've been having some crises here!! Ok, we only have two crises but they are big ones. 1. Coronavirus is making a subtle comeback here in Finland... 2. I don't have a dress So nothing very important to worry about, as you can see... :D Coronavirus - positives: Weddings don't seem to have lead to many infections and we don't even have a buffet. Also our venue is suitable for 3 times the amount of guests we'll be having so we have plenty of space. Also the rise in infections is slow, at least right now...

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    Wedding Dress Part 2

    Collaboration Atelje Dagmar, all pictures taken at Atelje Dagmar I have a dress! Not the final dress yet, but one made of satin which -and this is the big deal- fits perfectly! I've had a clear vision of what kind of a dress I want from the beginning, there was just one detail that I wanted to change after some thought , but otherwise I haven't budged. I visited...

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    Wedding Dress Part 1.

    Image: Tuuli Sundman Originally published on Meidän Häät website. Collaboration with Villisilkki, all pictures taken at Villisilkki My wedding dress project has begun! As I mentioned in an earlier post, my mom will be making my wedding dress. She has been sewing most of her life so I’m sure my dress is in good hands..