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    Birth Story: Emergency c-section Part 3

    You can find parts one and two here and here. About 1% of births end in emergency c-section. It's done if the mother or the baby's life or health is in immediate danger and they have to get the baby out in minutes. It's done with a vertical cut so that the baby can be accessed...

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    Birth Story: Emergency c-section Part 2

    Original image (in color): Matti Myller/Yle The first part of the Birth Story can be found here. Eerikki and I both started immediately asking about epidural but the midwife said that she doesn't know if there'd be time for that anymore. I was seated in a wheelchair and we were taken to the delivery room. While wheeling me off to the room to the delivery room the midwife was all excited saying things like "wau I can't believe you dilated at such a speed and with no pain medication! I knew you'd be great at this" ...

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    Birth Story: Emergency c-section Part 1

    After I'd given birth, I decided I would share my story on the blog. It took me a little while, however, to be ready to do that. I feel that a lot of things went wrong with the birth and so I had to process what had happened before I felt good about writing about it. I've tried to describe everything as precisely as I can. Most of the story is...