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    Crises and crafts

    I am sorry I haven't been writing more frequently like I threatened but we've been having some crises here!! Ok, we only have two crises but they are big ones. 1. Coronavirus is making a subtle comeback here in Finland... 2. I don't have a dress So nothing very important to worry about, as you can see... :D Coronavirus - positives: Weddings don't seem to have lead to many infections and we don't even have a buffet. Also our venue is suitable for 3 times the amount of guests we'll be having so we have plenty of space. Also the rise in infections is slow, at least right now...

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    Hääläppää slangiks

    Helsinki-päivä erikoispostaus 😀 Kirjoitan blogia kirjakielellä, mutta puhun normaalisti puhekieltä ja stadin slangia. Se johtuu siitä, että olen helsinkiläinen ja näin olen oppinut puhumaan. En koskaan harkinnutkaan, että kirjoittaisin tätä blogia slangilla, koska tiedän, että suuri osa ihmisistä ei silloin ymmärtäisi mistä kirjoitan.…

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    Corona virus and weddings 3: Regulations for the summer

    The moment I had been waiting for finally arrived yesterday. I had waited for a week to hear what the new corona virus regulations regarding private events would be as we were still full on with our wedding plans for this summer. Well, the news weren't good. They increased the number of people allowed in an event from 10 to 50...

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    Coronavirus and Weddings 2: Effects on Weddings and Plan B

    Image: Cosmopolitan Originally published on Meidän Häät website. When I wrote my previous post "Coronavirus and Weddingsit was Thursday afternoon and though I had become much more worried about the pandemic and its effects on weddings it’s clear that even in a few days the situation has become worse and the effects are likely to be more dire than I could predict back then.

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    Coronavirus and Weddings

    Image: Yahoo Originally published on Meidän Häät website. Until now, I’ve felt that the hysteria around coronavirus has been a bit exaggerated. However, following the discussion around the topic on the Häät2020 (Weddings 2020) – Facebook group and watching the announcements from the government on TV, made me realize that in the worst case it could affect our wedding in several ways.