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    Wedding dress part 3: the dress

    Collaboration with Villisilkki Picture: Vill Sander Well, let me start by telling you that this was a good source of stress for everyone involved, and a bunch of other people too :D As you may have read from my earlier postthe first time I tried my dress on, was on the night before the wedding. I designed my own dress as I couldn't find one I liked from the stores...

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    Bride's accessories

    Picture: Vill Sander Collaboration with Gaura Pearls Last time we looked at the bridal party's hairdos, now we get to the bride's accessories. It was my intention to get a bag for the wedding, I wanted a white leather bumbag but I couldn't find one that I really liked. In the end, I realized I didn't need one at all so I ended up going without. I had two pairs of shoes. My main pair was from Christian Louboutin. I wore those at the ceremony and for the first part of the wedding. My second pair was...

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    wedding hairdos

    Collaboration with Villi Vanilja Pictures: Vill Sander Now we're getting to the first part of the bride's look and the bridal party's looks, the hairdos! I wanted to have my hair down, as that's how I usually wear it. I found a picture online and loved it, it had a braid on the top and the rest of the hair down, it was just what I had been looking for, something elegant and different...