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    Kuva: extrapetite.com Kerroin aiemmin, että laitoimme asuntomme myyntiin (sen löytää täältä). Emme haluaisi luopua tästä asunnosta, koska se on meistä mahtava, mutta meille on tulossa putkiremontti, joten ajattelimme, että olisi helpompi muuttaa sen alta pois. Meillä on kuitenkin vaikeuksia löytää kivaa uutta asuntoa…

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    Our little one's room is finally ready! I've been giving you updates on the room's progress for the last few months (!) and the biggest, well really only, problem with the room has been the walls. First, it took three different shades of gray to get the walls gray as the first two looked purple up on the wall...

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    Our home before and after renovation: Bedroom

    Out of the two bedrooms at our condo, we chose this one for ourselves due to the view. In size, the two bedrooms are pretty much the same. The room had smokey lavender walls which we painted white. We put a monstera leave wallpaper in one corner and in time, the room got a tropical birds -theme...