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    wedding ceremony

    Picture: Vill Sander Collaboration with Expomatto Helsingin Venetaksi The story of our wedding, continuing from where we left off with the morning of our wedding post.. We arrived on the island and I went upstairs to wait for the ceremony to start. I had to be there early enough so that the arriving guests wouldn't see me and the bridesmaids needed to get to the pier early to get everything ready for guests. We had gotten water bottle labels made ...

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    The week of our wedding: Day 3

    Collaboration with Villi Vanilja Villisilkki I'm alive! Eerikki didn't get fed up with all the wedding planning and get rid of me I've been just too busy to write! :) My plan to post something each day leading up to the wedding didn't work out, there was just too much to do, but I'm back so let's continue from where we started. As you may have noticed...

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    Ideas for a beautiful civil ceremony

    All pictures: weddingomania.com Some may think that if you don't have your wedding at a church, your only other option is a short and dry a few minute ceremony. In reality you have a lot of options on what you can do at a civil ceremony in Finland. We went to see the person who'll be marrying us yesterday and as I found the meeting really useful, I figured I'd share some ideas here...