The most beautiful fall accessories

Collaboration with Sauso

You have no idea how I've been waiting to make this post! I'm such a big Sauso fan and, okay, like I've said before, I do like all the four seasons we have in Finland, but this year I've been super excited about fall and I love the fall atmosphere in these pictures.

Sauso is a nearly 100 year old Finnish brand so they have a lot of experience and a long history from making quality gloves. Each pair of gloves goes through more than 100 stages, all done by hand, so each beautiful pair has received tons of care and attention before it is ready - probably the reason why they are so durable and beautiful. It's not unheard of to inherit Sauso gloves, after all, well kept they last for decades.

The wide selection offers gloves for special occasions and everyday use but also for special interests such as golf and horseback riding. I needed gloves for everyday use so I got a pair of touchscreen gloves, in the picture above, and a lighter pair that I can use from spring to fall. In addition to these, I got two pairs of beautiful Peccary -boar leather winter gloves.

I love it that Sauso has expanded their brand to other accessories too. I've been using the white and black silk scarf as both, a top and a scarf.

I highly respect the ethical principles of Sauso, such as the fact that all the leather they use is a byproduct from the food industry. The ethical standards are very high for the exquisite peccary boar gloves as well. The Peccary boar is a CITES protected wild animal and it's hunted for food by certain native communities in South America so this leather is also a byproduct from the food industry. The leather is very unique in nature, it's soft and yet incredibly durable. As the animal is protected the leather is very valuable and sought after and Sauso is the only Finnish glove brand to offer Peccary gloves. I'm wearing Peccary gloves in the pictures below, the lighter color is Oatmeal and the darker is Cork.

Among this fall's new arrivals are beautiful knitted accessories such as beanies and scarfs. One of my absolute favorites is the beautiful white kasmir scarf.

Eerikki chose touchscreen gloves for himself as well, in the picture above, as well as Peccary gloves, in the picture below. Neither one of us really wear black so we both chose our gloves in different shades of brown. We couldn't stop there though but we just had to get these adorable little boots for Bebe as well, so now our family is ready for winter... well what it comes to accessories anyways!

Sauso boutique is located in the Helsinki city center at Eerikinkatu 1. You can also order products online at .

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