Purchases for the Baby

In the beginning I found it difficult to buy clothes for the baby. I had looked into all sorts of devices that we might need for the baby, we even ordered the stroller at 7 weeks of pregnancy, but the idea of buying clothes felt strange.

Of course, there's no need to buy clothes and other things this early, but as I like to prepare well ahead, it felt like a problem to me. Eerikki and I chose a few pieces of clothing and one pacifier around the first ultrasound and then we left it at that for a long time. Now I have a vision of what kind of things I want for the baby and I've even bought some clothes now. A few pairs of shoes won't be suitable for a boy, but other than that, the clothes will work for both sexes as we're not girl/boy color people.

The only reason we got the first pieces of clothing bought was that we loved the idea that Bebe would be dressed only in white and champagne (beige) the first winter. We call the color champagne because a) that's what the shop called it b) because our Bebe appears to be a little snob as I often crave champagne for which I'm blaming the baby :D So I can't think of a more suitable color!

Even after our wedding, I still love the color peach so the baby will have a lot of it once they grow up a bit and Eerikki had a good idea to mix it with light blue. I bought the Minna Parikka bunny shoes before we were even trying and now the shop has closed, all the other clothes have links to the shops they were bought from.

0-3 Months

White sweater with ears, Next, Zalando

Champagne colored bodysuit and pants, Happy Brand, Babyshop

Mittens, Gugguu

Merino wool beanie, Fiilinki

Shimmering shoes with a bow, Kids Avenue

Nail scissors and clippers in gold, Vaunu-Aitta

Light grey-mint green Mini and Mama - sweaters, Seraphine

3-6 Months

Hoodie in peach, Gugguu

Beige bodysuit and pants, Jesper Junior

Pacifier in rose gold, Bjällra of Sweden, Babyshop

Bodysuit in champagne color, Happy Brand, Babyshop

Peach pants, Next, Zalando

Pacifiers in light blue, Hemtex

6-9 Months

Mint green and light yellow striped t-shirts, Muji

Hoodie in peach, Gugguu

Peach cap, Gugguu

Peach sweater, Moomin shop

1-2 Years

Purple sneakers with bunny ears in two sizes, Minna Parikka

Tennis sweater and pants, Gina Tricot and Zalando

Bib, Kids Avenue

3-5 Years

Adults and kids' tennis college and kids' pants, Gina Tricot and Zalando

Peach t-shirt, Moomin Shop

Bunny sneakers, Minna Parikka

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