A Day with Me

A week with me: Saturday

3-4.40 am I keep waking up to Jordan crying and thinking it's morning. Eerikki is with Jordan because it's his turn and I wonder why Jordan is so unhappy first thing in the morning. Finally I look at the time, it's only 4.40.

5.00-8.00 am Eerikki gets Jordan to fall back asleep, he says Jordan has a runny nose and we wonder if he's waking up because of that. I can't fall back asleep until 8 am.

9.15 am I'm having an annoying dream and wake up because of it. I'm disappointed to see that I only slept for about an hour. I'm starting to get a bit annoyed with these crappy nights where Jordan wakes up several times a night. I want our one-quick-wake-up nights back, not to mention the full nights which we already had.

9.15 am - 2 pm The morning and early afternoon are spent cleaning and organizing. The whole place has been upside down for a few weeks. We bought more shelves so that we would have a place for all the stuff that has accumulated, especially since the arrival of a child, but we haven't gotten the shelves up yet, which is why all the books and boxes are all over the floor and seem to be gathering more clutter there. Eerikki is going on a business trip next week so we're trying to get the apartment in order so that I won't be left alone in the middle of a chaos for the whole week.

2 pm My lovely nephew is staying with us this weekend and he arrives at two.

2.50 pm – 4.15 pm We have baby swim class starting at half past three and my nephew joins me and Jordan for the class. Since the apartment is nowhere near ready we agreed that one of us will go swimming and the other will stay at home to clean. Maybe it says something about our tiredness that when Eerikki got to make the choice he chose cleaning as then he doesn't need to go anywhere 💗. We have a lot of fun in the swim class, Josua gets to catch Jordan when he's diving and of course it's super fun for Jordan when one of his absolute favorite people is in the class with us. After swimming Josua and I are really hungry so we decide to get something small from McDonalds.

4.15-7 pm We eat our food from McDonalds and play with Jordan and plan to play a board game, but suddenly we realize that it's almost seven o'clock and the hockey game is about to start. Jordan is so happy that Josua is with us that he can't stay put for even one picture with me, as you can see.

7-8 pm We have chosen the Colorado game as the so-called main program of the evening and it starts at 7pm. Jordan got really cute Colorado Avalanche bodysuits from his godparents so he is also fully into the theme of the evening, though he doesn't seem that interested in the game yet. I, however am, as I have five players from Colorado on my HockeyGM team, so for me the stakes are high!

8-8.30 pm We do the evening routines and Eerikki puts Jordan to sleep. After Jordan is asleep we get to watch the rest of the game in peace. We put the pizzas in the oven and enjoy the calm.

9 pm I'm so tired that I suggest we watch the end of the game in bed. As the last feat of the day, I manage to knock a glass jar onto the bathroom floor when I take out the last of the laundry. That glass jar was part of a set I inherited from my grandmother, now there are only two parts left, one of which is broken. I feel bad, they are probably the only thing I have from my grandmother. Of course, there's nothing I can do about it anymore and Eerikki is very comforting, too. He says that these just tend to happed when you're really tired 💗. We finally get to bed for the last five minutes of the game, but at least I'm there ready for sleep.

9.30-11.20 pm When Jordan hasn't been sleeping well for several nights, I've often gone to my mother's place to sleep. Eerikki is able to sleep in in the mornings, so I've just made sure that Jordan and I are out as early as possible so that he can sleep in the morning. Now, however, we decide that it's best that Eerikki goes to my mom's place to sleep, because he rarely gets to pay off his sleep debt in the mornings anymore. So Eerikki goes to my mom's and I try to fall asleep. For some reason, however, I don't fall asleep until sometime after eleven.

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