A Day with Me

A week with me: Friday

1.20 am I wake up to Jordan crying. I give him the pacifier and put the blanket back on him. I go back to bed.

1:25-3:30 am Jordan cries again. I pick him up and give him some water, but nothing seems to help. He doesn't seem to be in pain, just can't sleep. I suspect the problem is his stomach, which he's had problems with since he had the stomach flu. I try to get him to fall asleep both in his own bed and in my arms, but at best he falls asleep for a few seconds and then wakes up again. The longer the night goes on, the more irritated he starts to get, quite understandably, of course. I'm really hungry, so I occasionally sneak out of the room to get a small snack and then go back.

3.30 am If at the beginning Jordan was calmly trying to fall asleep, now he's getting quite upset and Eerikki wakes up. Eerikki suggests that we give him Panadol. I don't think he's hurting, but at this point it's a good idea, we should definitely try it. We give him some Panadol.

3.40 am Jordan shows no signs of falling asleep, now he would like to go to the living room and play and gets upset when we don't allow that. He also gets upset if I leave the room. I've been thinking for at least an hour now that maybe I should cancel tomorrow's yoga class. I have a really bad conscience about it, but then I remind myself that it's charity, the purpose is to do nice things for people. I doubt anyone would want me to push myself to my limits by teaching the class so exhausted and so I send an email that I have to cancel the class. We give Jordan a fruit smoothie because we suspect that the crying might have made him hungry.

4.40-5.20 am Eerikki gets Jordan to fall asleep and has earned his victory dance. Neither of us can get back asleep right away, we both fall asleep sometime after five.

8.40 am Jordan makes noises in his room and I wake up assuming he wants to get up. However the sounds stop before I get there. Normally he would have woken up by this time, but after a night like that I have no idea when he'll wake up. I can't get back to sleep anymore.

9.40 am Jordan finally wakes up. I'm really tired and so is Eerikki, so I take him to our bed and put an animal documentary on TV, he likes to watch them and say "aaaaaaw" for every cute little animal.

10.20 am We're only now starting breakfast. Jordan is in a good mood, but mom and dad are still trying to get their eyes open.

11.10 am We arrive at the family club at a nearby church. We go there every Friday, although at first I wasn't sure if I can go there since we're not members of the church, but apparently it doesn't matter. I know a lot of the people now that always go there so it's nice to see familiar people again and chat with them while Jordan gets to play with the club's toys.

12.30 am We go home to eat and then I notice that Jordan looks ready for his nap. I had thought that his nap would be delayed since he woke up so late, but clearly he sticks to his regular schedule.

1-2.45 pm After a short walk, Jordan falls asleep, then I take the stroller to our balcony. When Jordan sleeps, I rest.

2.45 pm Jordan wakes up just as I'm about to eat, so we eat together. I try to think of something fun to do and we go take a bath. Then we play with balls and puzzles and listen to, yes, you guessed it: the Cha Cha Cha song.

6 pm Eerikki is finally home. He goes to the park and grocery store with Jordan and I start writing my blog. I had planned to arrange Eerikki some alone time on Friday night, when on Monday which is his night off he had to use it for work, but I'm so tired that I just can't. Fortunately, Eerikki is on a business trip in Switzerland for most of next week and there should also be some fun evening activities and he's also going to the Alps afterwards, so he'll have some time off next week 💕.

8-8.30 pm We do the evening routine together and Eerikki puts Jordan to sleep.

8.30 – 9.30 pm I started watching Lucifer on Netflix when Jordan was napping and we watch it for a while with Eerikki. The show is okay, nothing special, but perfect brainless entertainment for a day like this. It's Eerikki's night, so I put on earplugs and go to sleep.

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