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Merino wool clothes for the baby

Collaboration with Dilling

It's been a while since the last time I showed you what we've been getting for the baby so I figured now is the perfect timing as winter is coming! We finally have some watery snow raining down in Helsinki (I guess I'm one of the few who love that as well) so now's a good time to show what kind of merino wool clothing we've gotten for our little one for the cold days ahead.

Mulesing free merino wool is quite valuable which is one of the reasons I love Dilling's merino wool clothes. In addition to being beautiful and ethical, they're reasonably priced too.

The adorable grey merino wool outfit above should fit Bebe in the spring, or possibly next fall depending how big he'll be and how loose the fit is. I also got a sweater in the same color which should fit him when he's about a year old.

I got the white merino wool outfit in two sizes as I think we'll have a lot of use for it this winter and the adorable beige pants are made of merino wool and silk. You may also admire the grey wall on the background as you might remember that it took three tries to get it that color.... :D

Recently, I've started buying more overalls for the baby. They seem like such a convenient choice especially in the winter when he'll be in an insulated sleeping bag when outside. The one above is made of merino wool and silk and should fit Bebe next fall.

I hadn't even thought about getting something for myself too but then I saw these bra liners that are also 100% merino wool and in the end decided to get three pairs. I like the idea of not having to use only disposable ones and I figured that these will so warm that maybe they'll help prevent breast infections.

My due date is tomorrow and I'm still feeling quite well. I've bought a wallpaper number three for the nursery and my mom has promised to put it up on Wednesday so it looks like next week I can finally show you what the nursery looks like... Unless there are more exciting news to share before that!

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