Vacation greetings from Haikko

Collaboration with Hotelli Haikon Kartano

As our home is also our office nowadays, during our vacation we decided to take a few short hotel vacations somewhere close by for a change of scenery and, of course, just because staying at hotels is fun!

On our first vacation week we headed to Hotel Haikon Kartano which is situated right next to Porvoo. It's a spa hotel which has a modern spa with modern hotel rooms and a beautiful old mansion with restaurants and hotel rooms and that's where we stayed at.

We had the second ultrasound that morning so right after that was done, we packed our bags and started our drive towards Haikko. Once we arrived we took our bags to our gorgeous room and headed for lunch. There's a beach, water activities and a hiking route at Haikko and you can also catch a boat to Porvoo about once a day but as neither one of us had slept very well the night before we decided to just relax and enjoy ourselves.

After lunch we had a bath in our room. We love taking baths, I'd say it's our traveling tradition so we always request a room with a bathtub. After that, we hung out at the beautiful terrace of the mansion restaurant and eventually had dinner there. We ended the night with a spa visit and I have to say a chill day hanging out on the terrace and at the spa was just what we needed.

As I always wake up earlier in the morning than Eerikki does I headed off to the hotel gym and after gym we went to get some breakfast together. The breakfast was at the mansion's restaurant and it included a glass of sparkling wine for those staying at the mansion. I gave Eerikki mine so I'm sure he had a fun breakfast though that isn't exactly evident from the picture :D

After breakfast we went to the spa which was really quiet as it was the middle of the day so it was nice to have it almost to ourselves. It was really hot outside and we had a great time relaxing in the chill water looking at the beautiful view.

When we were finally ready to leave the spa, we drove to Porvoo and spent the day there as we were in no rush to get home. We visited a few shops and had some dinner and then eventually drove back home.

We loved our mini vacation in Haikko and Porvoo and I'm so happy we still have almost half of our vacation left. I'll write again soon and tell you what else we've been up to!

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