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    wedding hairdos

    Collaboration with Villi Vanilja Pictures: Vill Sander Now we're getting to the first part of the bride's look and the bridal party's looks, the hairdos! I wanted to have my hair down, as that's how I usually wear it. I found a picture online and loved it, it had a braid on the top and the rest of the hair down, it was just what I had been looking for, something elegant and different...

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    Wedding Party – What to Offer and Ask for?

    Originally published on Meidän Häät – sivustolla. First I have to make a confession: I have never been a member of a wedding party. Maybe it’s because I lived nine years abroad in different countries so I’ve tended to have more acquaintances than close friends as I was moving around so much. Now, that we are planning our wedding...

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    Wedding planning and rug washing

    Originally published on Meidän Häät website. It’s been a few weeks since our engagement and wedding planning is on full speed! We went to buy Eerikki his ring, in Finland men also wear engagement rings, and now we’re waiting for my ring to arrive. That’s in fact my first tip to all of you who are planning to propose: GETTING AN ENGAGEMENT RING CAN TAKE 6 WEEKS. I figured it’s better to write...