Update,  Pregnancy

Hi from maternity leave!

I've been on maternity leave for three weeks now but the baby still hasn't arrived... I thought I'd spend these weeks before the due date resting and working out but instead I've spend most of my time fixing up the nursery and organizing stuff around the house. Usually I love renovating but right now I'm not really enjoying it as the pregnancy prevents me from doing all the fun stuff and besides, I'm really tired all the time so that's eating away my motivation too. Luckily my lovely mom has helped us out so much and while I've said this before after this week our home should be ready -apart from the wallpaper. The wallpaper should arrive next week so hopefully I'll be able to show you our finished nursery soon!

In addition to doing work around the house, I've also started putting stuff together for the hospital bag. I think I have all necessary stuff in one place now but I probably won't pack the bag until closer to the due date. I've also written notes to myself for what I want to put in my birth letter, though Eerikki thinks I don't even need one since he knows what I want. While that's true, I think I'll write it anyways, just in case.

I've been feeling well. I wake up once every night to go to the bathroom but usually I fall right back asleep after. The bottoms of my feet start hurting if I stand or walk and my hands and feet have been really swollen for a good while now but I think these are minor issues and overall I've gotten pretty lucky. Even tiredness, which has been my biggest problem while pregnant, hasn't been so bad in the last few weeks so that's been really nice! In fact, I'm feeling so well that I'm considering staying up late and watching some NHL games tomorrow night.. On the other hand I know I should just take all the sleep I can get so that I'd be prepared to giving birth when the time comes.

Last weekend we had our annual Halloween party. In case you missed my post on instagram, I was Out of shape-Thor from the End Game and Eerikki was Iron Man. We ended up being in a bit of a hurry getting the place ready for the party as the floors were filled with boxes due to our little renovation but in the end we got the place ready and had a great party. Halloween party is an important tradition for me as we always had one at home when I was little so I'm happy I had enough energy to throw one this year as well.

That's all for now, let's hope I get to tell you soon that Bebe is here!

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