A Day with Me

A (mother's) Day with Me

It was my first Mother's Day this year so I decided to make a "Day with Me" -post of it on my instagram story and now I finally had time to write a blog post about it too. So, here's my first Mother's Day!

I woke up really tired around 8am when Jordan woke up. I took Jordan to Eerikki who was sleeping in the nursery. The one who's not in charge of the night's feedings sleeps on the nursery's sofa bed and this time that was Eerikki. After I gave Eerikki the baby, I went back to sleep.

I woke up again at 10.15 and soon I got a lovely breakfast in bed. Eerikki and I have this tradition that we make each other a cake/dessert for birthday morning breakfast and he had asked what kind of a dessert I wanted for Mother's Day so it's safe to say, this tradition has now spread to Mother's (and Father's) Day too. I asked for a brownie and he had made an excellent one along with a super yummy breakfast.

I got a gorgeous flower bouquet and one of the most wonderful gifts ever, a camera! I've been wanting to get a camera for so long as I would like to take better pictures for my blog. Also, I used to love photography, so now I can finally get back to that!

We had booked a table for Cafe Ursula's Mother's Day brunch with my mom and sister so soon after breakfast we started getting ready for the brunch at 1pm. Jordan wore a light suit with a golden bowtie and Eerikki and I were in black and white. The weather was gorgeous on the way there and the sun was shining.

When we left the brunch at 3pm the weather had taken a complete turn, it was cold and windy and it started raining when we were walking home. Luckily it wasn't a long walk and as soon as we got home, Jordan and I took a warm bath. We couldn't fit a proper bathtub in our bathroom with the washer/dryer so we have this portable tub which it awesome.

I had a yoga class in the late afternoon and after that Eerikki had planned that we order in from my favorite sushi restaurant. Jordan fell asleep pretty easily and so we put an NHL game on and had some dinner. I loved our night, getting some time just the two of us, having some sushi and watching the game. Eerikki had volunteered to take the night's feedings so I went to sleep at the nursery (or "hotel" like we like to call it).

My first Mother's Day was absolutely lovely and I got some ideas for Father's Day too! I hope you all got the kind of a Mother's Day you had hoped for.

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