Dreaming of a Seaview Wedding

Originally published on Meidän Häät – sivustolla.

When searching for our venue our most important requirement was a water view. We spent hours going through options online so I feel like we have a pretty good idea of what the greater Helsinki region has to offer for a seafront wedding. We’ve already picked our venue, HSS Paviljong, but I hope this list will be of help for anyone still looking.

For the venues listed below, some we visited and some we got an offer from, but some we just looked into online. Any information may be outdated or incorrect. All places require that catering is ordered through them. We wanted to choose our own wedding cake bakery but in several places the cake is included in the menu. I would imagine that there’s some room for negotiation there though.

Some of the places weren’t suitable for us as they were too small for our >90 guest wedding. In fact, it’s worth keeping in mind that if the venue states they can seat 100 people, then you probably won’t have space for a dance floor at a 100 person wedding. The plusses and minuses are my opinions based on the information I have. The venues are listed in no particular order.

Restaurant Saari, Sirpalesaari

Image: Ravintola Saari

We didn’t visit restaurant Saari as they were fully booked for next summer. The prices are probably close to those of Restaurant Saaristo where the boat fee is 6.50euros/person, buffet 63.00e/person including the wedding cake and wine bottles start at 46 euros. The restaurant can seat 200 people.

Image: Ravintola Saari

+ Bright with natural light

+ Terrace and a seaview

– Sirpalesaari isn’t very secluded, may have people walking around and sunbathing during the wedding

NJK, Valkosaari

Image: NJK

We made a preliminary booking for NJK Valkosaari. However, once we visited the venue we realized it wasn’t for us. The place felt surprisingly dark and dusty though I’m sure it wasn’t literally dirty in any way. It also bothered me how they emphasized that the venue is for the sailing club first and foremost. It made me feel like our wedding was second priority though I’m sure they didn’t mean it like that. The person showing us around was very friendly but the place just didn’t work for us. I also didn’t like the view as much as the one at HSS Paviljong. You could see Tuomiokirkko but I felt like we were too close to the coast, it didn’t feel like you were on an island. They also had a glitch in their booking system and later told us our date was double booked and had to move our booking.

When booking this venue you have to spend a minimum of 8000 euros. Boat fee: 7.20e/person, dining 58.50-70e/person including the wedding cake. Wines start around 45 euros a bottle. The largest room seats 160 people.

Image: NJK

+ Friendly staff

+ The building is beautiful on the outside

+ A very nice ladies room 😀

+/- View, on the other hand you can see the city center, on the other hand lacks in the seaside view

– Part of the building is reserved for the sailing club, so they might be there even during your wedding

– Dark and outdated interior

Restaurant Saaristo, Klippan

Image: Ravintola Saaristo

This was one of our favorites and we made a preliminary booking here. It’s white and bright on the inside and the building is beautiful on the outside as well. The hall was of a weird shape and some of the tables were left behind poles and the stage. I also didn’t like the view from the terrace, you could mainly see just small islands and the best seaview was blocked by trees. Boat fee 6.50e/person, buffet 63.00e/person including the wedding cake, a bottle of wine from 46 euros. Can seat 460 people.

Image: Ravintola Saaristo

+ Beautiful interior, white and bright

+ Not a busy island, should have privacy during the wedding

+ Beautiful building

– Main dining room is of an awkward shape

– Not the best view

Valkosaaren Telakka, Valkosaari

Picture: Valkosaaren Telakka

This venue was of a different style than our wedding so wasn’t suitable for us. Would be great for a rustic theme wedding. The interior is quite bare so should be easy to decorate. Seats 250 people. Boat fee 6 euros. Catering fee unknown.

Picture: Valkosaaren Telakka

+ You can bring your own beverages

+ Great for a rustic theme wedding

+ Quite secluded

– Event has to end by midnight

– Not the best view

Soutupaviljonki, Taka-Töölö

Image: Soutupaviljonki

This venue was fully booked so we didn’t visit it. I thought it looked beautiful in the pictures and they allow you to bring your own beverages which would’ve been great. They can only seat 88 people, however, so it would’ve been too small for us.

Image: Soutupaviljonki

+ White and bright interior

+ Nice terrace

+ Quiet neighborhood

+ You can bring your own beverages

– Small

– The view is just ok

Restaurant Uunisaari, Uunisaari

Image: Uunisaari

At Uunisaari the dining options are a buffet and table service. The prices range between 48-70 euros per person, wines start from 38 euros a bottle. Wedding cake is included and the event can last until 2am. I can’t find information on the boat fee or on how many people they can seat but the venue isn’t very large.

+ Beautiful view to Eira and of the sea

+ There are also saunas on the island

+ Tiny beach

– Vegan main course is celery with apple (!)

– Small

Kulosaaren Casino, Kulosaari

Image: Kulosaaren Casino

This is one of my favorites. They can seat 350 people but that requires using two separate rooms. Menus range from 49 to 60 euros a person, wedding cake included. Wines start from 48 euros a bottle.

Image: Kulosaaren Casino

+ Beautiful interior

+ Beautiful exterior

+ Great view

+ Great terrace

– Far from the city center

– If you don’t book both event rooms, will there be random people in the other room during the wedding?

HSS Paviljong

Picture: HSS Paviljong
Picture: HSS Paviljong

HSS Paviljong can seat 250 people. Menus range between 58-75 euros a person, wines start from 42 euros a bottle. Must spend a minimum of 10 000 euros when booking the whole venue. Table flowers are included, wedding cake is not. Boat fee 5 euros a person.

Picture: HSS Paviljong

+ Beautiful interior with a round dining room

+ Liuskasaari is beautiful and quite secluded

+ Best terrace and view

+ A popular venue for weddings and have a wedding arch to borrow

+ Very helpful staff

– Even drinking water costs extra

If you need more options check out these as well: Hilton KalastajatorppaRavintola Töölönranta and Panorama restaurant Meripaviljonki.

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