I don't enjoy going shopping for clothes and so I buy most of my clothes online. Due to pregnancy, however, I keep having to go shopping for bras and I can't even avoid dressing rooms as it's really difficult to know the right size and fit for the pregnant body. I've tried maternity bras too, but I don't really see the point of them as I'm not ready to buy breastfeeding bras as it seems that my size is still changing. I've reached a size big enough that I think Eerikki and I can utilize my bras as shared hats after the pregnancy.

My experiences have led to a few ideas for clothing stores that I'm sure would get them a lot of loyal pregnant customers:
A) A bra service where you get bras delivered to your home monthly/bi-monthly. Every time they're a bit bigger and you can return the ones you don't like for free.
B) A bra pass where, say, every sixth bra is free or you get a bigger discount for the more bras you buy.

Another boob topic that I've been thinking, even before pregnancy, are massage tables. I've always found them very uncomfortable but now that I got a massage about a month ago on my stomach it felt like I would imagine a mammography would feel like. I don't understand why there aren't any massage tables for women where the breast level can be lowered or that are already lower at the breast.

Well, this was fun, letting out all my recent thoughts about boobs! I'd love to hear about your experiences whether they're similar or completely different!


  • Aino1

    Tässä on selkeästi todella paljon vaihtelua, että miten rinnat muuttuvat raskaudessa! Olen nyt jo rv 32, ja aikaisemmin ennen raskautta käyttämäni liivit menevät edelleen. Kohtapuoliin ostan imetysliivit jo tulevaa varten, mutta muutoin on menty entisillä liiveillä (ja etätyökaudella pitkälti urheiluliiveillä, joista osa olisi jo aivan liian vanhojakin juoksussa tms käytettäväksi)😁

    Tsemppiä raskausaikaan ja hyviä vointeja!☺️

    • Sissi

      No niin olen vähän nyt kuullut muiltakin, että tämä vaihtelee tosi paljon. Toivottavasti tämä olisi nyt itselläkin tässä ja nyt kasvaisi enää vatsa 😄 ihanaa odotusaikaa myös sulle 💗😊

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