Honeymoon abroad?

Image: Anek Suwannaphoom, Pixels.com

With the coronavirus situation being what it is I wouldn't travel abroad... if it wasn't for our honeymoon. So yes, we are thinking about traveling abroad for our honeymoon and if all goes well we'll be leaving in less than two weeks!

I'm sure we're not the only couple that's been trying to figure out how to have their honeymoon in the current situation and I would imagine that at least the following topics have been on most couple's minds:

  • Will the honeymoon feel like a honeymoon if you have it, say, a year after the wedding? There are couples from last spring that are still waiting to have their honeymoon.
  • If the couple wants kids after the honeymoon waiting for a year or longer can feel like a waste of time, especially if the couple's age is becoming an issue
  • When will it be completely safe to travel? When have enough people been vaccinated, will the vaccination be effective and how and when will it have an impact on traveling restrictions.. In short, what if the situation doesn't get better in the next six months or even a year?

We've put a lot of thought into this and while I completely agree with most people that this is not a great time to go anywhere, we've decided to have our honeymoon now and will make every effort to do it as responsibly as possible.

Image: Hellotravel.com

It's best to get tested for coronavirus before leaving and immediately upon arriving to the destination country. When we return to Finland, we'll get tested immediately and stay in full quarantine until we can be certain we're corona free.
We've decided to spend our honeymoon at an All Inclusive hotel so that we won't need to leave the hotel even once if we don't want to. As we wont travel to more than one country and one city the biggest risks are the airport, airplane and other hotel guests and staff. Traveling in Finland would have similar risks if staying at a hotel, the main difference is that if we get sick abroad, we'll have to trust their medical care.

So, unless something unexpected happens, on NYE we'll be heading off to our honeymoon! I'll post more about our honeymoon plans later tonight.

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