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Details and decorations from our wedding Part 3

Collaboration Nappitalo, Puine, Jubilee

Bride and Maid of Honor- mugs

Picture: Vill Sander

The beautiful golden Bride and MoH mugs are from Katariina. I got ours from the store in Helsinki.

Chair Covers

My mom sew white covers for the dining chairs which were also used on the ceremony. We got the fabrics from Tallinn and the pretty satin ribbons for the seat covers and the backrest covers are from Nappitalo. If you like small pretty things, go check out the garters my mom made from the paraphernalia from Nappitalo, the post can be found here. I've decided to rent to chair covers as I don't want to sell them, more information can be found here.

Champagne Tower

I love these old fashioned champagne glasses, they're the only style we own. For the wedding we got our glasses from Jubilee. If you need any dishware for your wedding, or some other event, I recommend taking a look at their selection. In addition to dishes they also have table cloths, napkins, mirrors and light fixtures. They even have furniture from tables to cloak hangers.

Picture: Vill Sander


Picture: Vill Sander

Our lovely golden #SISSIJAEERIKKI hashtag-signs are from Puine, we had two of them. I saw them at a wedding fair and just had to get them for our wedding. Puine has plenty of cool stuff for weddings, and other occasions, such as Menu-signs and ring boxes. I also love their dietary signs such as "milk free" and so on. You can find them here.


We got golden ballerinasfor guests in several sizes as I've often seen women on the dance floor with no shoes on at weddings. I know how nice it would be to take the heels off at some point so this was something to help out the ladies who are wearing heels. If I had remembered that we'll have to pay for the customs as well, I would've bought something from inside the EU, as we ended up paying almost as much for the customs as for the shoes :P The pairs that were left over can be found on my Shoppage, and you won't be charged any custom fees :D

In Memoriam

Eerikki's godmom died last chirstamas so we put a picture of her on display in her memory.

Gift Registry

We made a gift registry at Stockmann's which I highly recommend. I wrote about the topic here.

Wedding China

This may be a slight surprise! If you thought I'm not into collecting china... you'd be correct. Butthis is different as there's a story that explains why I had to get these. When I was a teenager, I loved the Brambly Hedge china and I bought a few pieces for when I'd grow up and have my own place (I did this quite a lot). The store selling these also had their "The Wedding" china and I remember thinking that I would get those cups if I got married some day. So, when we got engaged, I searched the internet and bought these for our morning after the wedding. They won't be a one time thing, however, but will be put to use each anniversary.

Bathroom Baskets

This topic has its own post.I wanted all the products to be in our theme colors and I've bought them from different stores including H&M, Stockmann, Citymarket, Sokos.

Engaged and Married - Newspaper Announcements

As I've mentioned, I like traditions and these announcements on Helsingin Sanomat were an important tradition to me. If it is to you, as well, you can buy announcement space here. The quote on the Married-announcement is from Beethoven's love letter and we got familiar with it as it appeared on the Sex and the City -movie. Eerikki seemed to like the quote as he said it to me several times in different, random, situations and even claimed it's going to be his wedding vow (it wasn't :D). I'm still not exactly sure if he was kidding, if he really liked it or if this was just a manifestation of his Sex and the City- fandom. Whatever it is, it's on our announcement now :D

Stamps with our own picture

We got stamps made for the invitations and thank you - cards. You can order stamps with your own picture here.

Wedding Website (I received the premium package free of charge)

Screenshot from our website

We made our wedding website on the platform and also shared our wedding pictures there. I made a new website for our pictures, the original one had the dress code, directions, map and so on. From the original website guests got details on our wedding as it couldn't have all fit in the invitation and on the website it was possible to update information when necessary. On our picture website guests can see and download all the pictures taken by our photographer and they can add their own pictures there too. I hope many will do that :).

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