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Hi! I've been meaning to write this post for a while now and I finally found the perfect timing for that.

When I got pregnant I figured I'd get a few tops, a few bottoms and a couple of dresses and that should be enough maternity clothing. Well, yea, that didn't go as planned!

I ended up buying much more than I had planned but for a good reason, I think. First of all, some of the clothes I bought in early pregnancy when I was mainly just bloated aren't comfortable anymore now that I have a much bigger belly. Also, the summer was really warm so I needed proper summer clothes but since the baby isn't due until late November, most of those aren't any use anymore now that it's getting colder.

One purchase was simply just a mistake and that was a pack of tops without any extra length on the front. I have no idea why they were called maternity tops as now that I have a proper pregnancy belly, they barely cover my belly button...

It's been strange shopping with a different mentality than normally. Usually I buy clothes made from quality materials and I prefer quality items that'll last for years. For maternity wear, I tend to buy less expensive clothes as I know I'll only use them for a short time - that may be one of the reasons why I've been shopping more than usual. One final reason for having bought more than I had expected is quite humane. You don't always feel your best when pregnant and it feels nice to have something pretty to wear just to feel better about the way you look. That's one thing I'm really happy about, there are beautiful maternity clothes available nowadays! You can find clothes in a wide range of styles and for all kinds of budgets, which is great. Now to the outfits!

I bought this dress in both gray and beige and it's been one of my favorites this summer. I've often paired it with sandals from Minna Parikka, like in the first image of the post.

I got really into biker shorts this summer and luckily those come in maternity sizes as well. I got one pair for gym and the rest I've combined with maternity tops and regular tops of larger size like the Adam Selmantop that I absolutely love, in the picture below.

I've been wearing a lot of dresses this summer. Maybe it's because of the hot weather or maybe because they're so comfortable. It's been great to notice that there are so many pretty maternity dresses available, though it takes a little bit of time finding the kind I like from different maternity online shops.

This black dress I got from my niece who had saved some of her maternity clothes and even though I normally never wear black, it was perfect for when I needed something a bit more dressy. The white dress below I got for a white party at a wedding. I had almost lost hope that I'd find a dress that I like until I spotted this one from the Boohoo online shop.

The dress below is from Missguided Maternity. In fact, I highly recommend checking out american and british online shops when looking for maternity wear.

I love leggings and wear them a lot from fall til spring so I have some of those too, of course. One pair is black, which, like I wrote before is a quite unusual color for me but the other pair has a more interesting story. I bought a set with leggings and a breastfeeding top in dark gray. I decided to play a little chemist and put them in a bucket filled with chlorine and water thinking they'd turn light gray. Well, after a while I noticed they were starting to turn pink instead so I decided to nurture my scientific and fashionistic curiosity and leave them there and see what happens. After about a day the whole outfit was baby pink, aside from the stitching. I like it much more like this, so I'd say the experiment was a success though the results were surprising!

The sweatshirt/short outfit was a great find too. I'm really into this color right now and the outfit is super comfortable.

The bikinis are a normal fit, I just got them in a larger size than usual. The beach cover is from Panis Emporio, also from the normal line.

So that was some of my summer maternity outfits. I might make another post about fall and winter wear later on, stay tuned!

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